Opening Friday, Sept. 15 and running through Saturday, Oct. 21 is Frank Campion – Dichotomies. The show includes works on both canvas and paper.

About this show, the artist says, “The dictionary defines “dichotomy” as “a division into two mutually exclusive, opposed, or contradictory groups – a dichotomy between thought and action.” It occurs to me that we tend to be naturally judgmental, making the world a binary proposition: good/bad, yes/no, on/off, right/wrong, hot/cold, rough/smooth, etc. So this new work is about dichotomies. One dichotomy involves the collision between the rational and the random. The rational is the simple geometric, intentional composition. The random is the occurrence of accidental painterly incidents. The other dichotomy has to do with the meeting of dominant colors that exist independently, but live adjacent to each other. This creates an emotional atmosphere or mood. as the work progresses.

The opening reception is set for Friday, Sept. 15 from 5 – 7 p.m. This is an ideal opportunity for artists, students and collectors to meet and speak with a leading voice in North Carolina arts.

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