Sherry Godfrey

Sherry was destined to be a gardener. “I’ve been playing in the dirt as long as I can remember,” she says.  “My mom loved to garden and I’ve followed in her footsteps.” She has an education, and many years of experience in horticulture and garden design.

With a passion for container garden design, Sherry started looking for new ways to express the “container.”  Around 2010 she became interested in the art of Kokedama and has enjoyed wrapping plants in moss and twine ever since. So much so, she named her business Moss & Twine.  She is also working toward becoming a potter, taking classes at Sunset River Marketplace, combining her love of plants with the art of pottery.

Sherry is married to her best friend Bret, has a wonderful son and daughter-in-law, Bret jr, and Molly, and has recently become a grandma to a beautiful little girl named Sutton Ruth.  She says, “I can’t wait to get Sutton’s hands dirty with soil and clay!”