Wil Goff

Will Goff’s appreciation for art was stimulated by his late wife Bree, who won many awards for her paintings during their 50-year marriage. After Bree’s sudden passing in 2014, Wil found himself in possession of a fully stocked art studio. As a tribute to Bree, he decided to try painting with her acrylic paints and quickly realized his best results were in the abstract expressionist style of art. He utilizes bold intuitive color combinations hoping to evoke an emotional response that is pleasing to the viewer.

Wil’s goal is not to show actual objects, scenes or people, but rather to share the joy he finds in his art. He has attended workshops conducted by successful abstract North Carolina artists Sterling Edwards, Joe DiGuilio and Ginny Lassiter, among others. These experiences, coupled with his 40+ years experience in a fashion-based segment of the home furnishings industry, has led Wil to develop his own distinctive style of art. His paintings bring him great pleasure and make him happy. He hopes others will have the same reaction when viewing his work.