Regional Artists - Bayou Gray

Raleigh, NC

Bayou Gray


I find myself intrigued by the human form. The slump of a shoulder, the refraction of light in an iris. The subtle shifts that tell a tale far more than words ever could. The breadth of my work tries to capture the intimate meaning of those moments and pour it back upon you. In short, I want the viewer to feel the piece, and not just see it. To that end, my tools of choice all have some meaning. I choose panels primed with tempura, as a link to those before. Since life moments are varied, precious, shimmering, and easy to tear, I paint on metal leaf. The palette I’ve chosen is based heavily in warm tones and transparent color, the luminosity of which gives skin tones the showcase that they deserve.

TLDR: I am Bayou Gray, I paint limbs on leaves, and I use the human form to convey emotion and find peace.

Bayou currently lives and works in Raleigh, North Carolina.