Regional Artists - Ardie Praetorius

North Myrtle Beach, SC

Ardie Praetorius


A resident of North Myrtle Beach, SC, Ardie has been creating beautiful pottery for 42+ years. Her first experience with clay was with a night course at Guilford Technical Community College. She says, “That’s when I fell in love with pottery. For years I did juried shows in Hilton Head, Raleigh, Charlotte and Greensboro.” The dynamic artist goes on to say that she’s fortunate that she’s able to have a career doing something that she absolutely loves.

Ardie works out of her home studio. She has two electric kilns and mixes her own glazes. Ardie is best known for her work on the potter’s wheel, but she hand builds pottery as well. Drawn to earth tones, she often carves her own pieces and still uses her signature flower motif, which is as popular today as it was when she started many years ago.