More Regional Artists - Dan & Kathi Blackmon

Wilson, NC

Dan & Kathy Blackmon


Husband and wife team Kathi and Dan Blackmon began pottery classes together at Wilson Community College in 2005. Dan was looking to relieve the everyday stress of being a banker. Kathi always loved being creative and found that clay was a wonderful way of experimenting with shapes and textures. They joined the Dan Finch Pottery Studio that year, learning from workshops and demonstrations by master potters from all over the country.

Dan says, “I enjoy texture and almost always carve on all my pieces. You will also notice that almost off my pots are symmetrical, which must be the banker in me wanting everything to balance.” According to Kathi, she began throwing at the beginning, but found that hand building was where her creativity grew. “I love texture and unusual shapes. When I am working on my pieces,” Kathi says, “I get lost in the creating and anticipation of the final product. My greatest pleasure is seeing my pieces turning out as I had envisioned.”