More Regional Artists - Barbara Bryant

Myrtle Beach, SC

Barbara Bryant


Barbara grew up in Northport, NY but has traveled across the country and lived on both coasts. She comes from a family of artists: the granddaughter of Ben Batsford, the syndicated cartoonist from the 20s and 30s and the niece of Ramona Batsford Bendin, a popular oil painter from NC and NY.

Barbara has a diversified background including semi-professional photography and home décor merchandising, among other occupations. Her love of artistic design and composition has motivated her to create many different art forms for more than 50 years.

Barbara loves working with her hands and is inspired by fiber materials, textures and patterns. She sews Kanzashi Japanese flowers and crochets mandalas and clothing. She also creates wool-felted hats, scarves and bowls – and most recently – fabric wrapped rope bowls and home décor.

Barbara has learned from others the techniques needed to create her works, but the inspiration for each piece comes from the fiber and her inventive imagination.