More Regional Artists - Becky Steele

Little River, SC

Becky Steele


Artist Becky Steele uses bold, vibrant colors to create figurative abstracts that present diversity in a fun and respectful way showcasing how different we all are and yet, how we are all also the same.

Steele's first “professional” painting was on the cinder block fence in the back yard of her childhood home. Her dad asked her to paint the silhouette of an eagle on the fence. She says it turned out surprisingly well and may still be there after 60+ years. As with many of us, life took Steele in another direction, first as a wife and mother and later as a sales and marketing executive in the corporate world. 

Fast forward to 2012, when Steele picked up a brush again and began painting acrylic abstracts. She loves abstracts. “For me abstraction is the very heart of creativity. It allows me to open fully to my imagination and connect with all the energies so I can better communicate my ideas and what I'm feeling through my painting.”

Steele retired from her corporate career in 2019 and began painting full-time.  She has work represented in both personal and corporate collections all over the US, and several pieces are currently on display at Sunset River Gallery in Calabash, SC., Seacoast Art Gallery in Myrtle Beach, SC., Franklin Square Gallery and The Artisan’s Gallery on Howe in Southport, NC, and theArtWorks galleries in Wilmington, NC.

Steele and her partner live with their dog, Latte in Little River, SC. They love life at the coast.