Regional Artists - Betsy Sellers

Bolivia, NC

Betsy Sellers


Hi I am Betsy Sellers. My adventure in clay began with one day a week hand building pottery classes in October 2003. In January 2005 new doors were opened as I began to learn wheel throwing. I am so intrigued by the clay’s fluidity which can be shaped, bisque fired, glazed, fired in the kiln and then last for thousands of years. I continue to learn everyday with successes and failures that the possibilities of clay is only limited by ones imagination, a few laws of physics and maybe one’s patience. Clay has so much more to teach me about shape, form and structure. Then there are the glazes, another world of possibility. Working in clay is a process and with every step forward comes the understanding there is so much more.

My inspiration comes from nature, architecture and the clay. God’s creation teaches us much about form, textures, twists and intersections of joints if we take the time to absorb the lesson. It takes a great deal of effort to duplicate the effortless appearance of nature.

I want to craft pottery pieces that evoke old remembrances or inspire new pleasure and have a great deal of fun in the process. I hope if one chooses to purchase my work it will evoke the feeling you get from wearing your favorite pair of jeans, a familiar comfort.

As I find my way, my desire is to honor and praise God for His blessing of allowing clay to be a part of my life’s journey.

I sincerely hope you enjoy my interpretations of clay!