More Regional Artists - Gary Baird

Carolina Shores, NC

Gary Baird


Gary’s love affair with nature began when he started backpacking in the Sierras while a high school student in Southern California. Photography became a natural extension of wanting to capture the beauty of what he was seeing on those trips with others. His passion for photography and nature continued to grow.

As a teacher he was able to pick where he wanted to work, so he chose great places for photography. Gary lived in Colorado, Seattle, New England and for the last 30+ years, North Carolina. After retiring from a career as an educator, he moved with his wife Sue from Raleigh to Carolina Shores.

This has been an amazing gift in that he is living in a wonderful area for photography with the time that retirement offers to fully engage his passion. His roots are as a mountain photographer in the West, but he has fallen in love with the vast array of birds to photograph on the Carolina coast. Many of the birds displayed at Sunset River Gallery were photographed at Huntington Beach State Park, SC and other local spots.

Rather than just trying to check off birds he has captured digitally, Gary tries to capture them in dramatic poses or unique light. Gary says, “The nice thing about being a nature photographer is that every time you go out to shoot you are almost guaranteed to see something new or amazing. There are awe-inspiring events taking place every day in nature. It is up to each photographer to bring his or her vision and skill to capture those moments.”