Regional Artists - Jewel Simmons

Loris, SC

Jewel Simmons


Fine Silver and Assemblage jewelry maker. Born in Amish country and raised in Bucks County, PA, Jewel’s career included 35 years in graphic arts, publishing, writing and jewelry making in the Philadelphia and Boston areas. With a desire to paint on her mind, she moved to South Carolina in order to convert a barn into a studio.

The daughter of and engineer and clock maker, she developed a deep love for watches and mechanical things. “My father had his hands in clocks or watches all the time, and my mother is a creative, crafts oriented person. It was the perfect storm.”

She began making jewelry out of watches, ephemera and other found objects. “I was doing ‘Steampunk’ style jewelry before I knew what Steampunk was. The jewelry is driven by my desire to repurpose what I find to be lovely and nostalgic from the past, and compose it in a beautiful or whimsical way,” the artist says.

Jewel has always loved painting. “My mother stood me at an easel at the age of three. I love having a brush in my hand. Finding Abstract Expressionism was pivotal for me and allows complete freedom. I let the painting lead the way to what it wants to become. It has become a great joy in my life.”