Regional Artists - Jill Hope

Calabash, NC

Jill Hope

acrylic, mixed media, watercolor

Born in Rochester, NY, Jill Hope has lived in England, Denmark and Australia. She relocated in 1991 from Ocracoke Island on the Outer Banks, NC to Calabash, NC where she now resides.

​Throughout her life, Jill has been involved in some sort of artistic pursuit: ceramics, choreographing synchronized swimming, interior design, jewelry design and creating marketing materials. About 30 years ago, she discovered her passion – paintings. Today her medium of choice is mixed water media and collage, including a number of assemblages using torn pieces of her watercolor paintings, semi-precious gems from her jewelry, copper tubing, metal stamps and other materials.

Known as a colorist, her style encompasses representational and abstract art. She attended the North East Essex Technical College and School of Art, Essex, England and continues to study with artists including Pat Dews, Brian Atyeo, Jeanne Carbonetti, Terry Madden, Sterling Edwards, Mary Alice Braukman and Joe DiGiulio.​

Jill Hope belongs to the Waterway Art Association, past president and Brunswick Arts Council. She founded Studio 12, a group of 12 artists who meet on a weekly basis at Sunset River Gallery where they paint, support one another. share ideas and critique each others’ work.

Her peers have awarded her honors; a 2nd Place, a 3rd Place and an Honorable mention from the Waterway Art Association Spring Shows and was juried into the Associated Artists of Southport July National Exhibition and has had two one-woman shows at Sunset River Gallery.

Artist Statement

“…my art today comes from what I call the intuitive side of thought of thought and is a form of meditation. When I pick up a brush, the world falls away. I follow the journey inward, eager to see what surprises lie in store. Focusing on the process rather than the finish, “I play with a palette of rich, vibrant colors. My pieces reverberate with hidden meanings as the soul of the image emerges.