More Regional Artists - Joy Parks Coats

Wilmington, NC

Joy Parks Coats


Joy Parks Coats currently lives on the coast of North Carolina. She has created art since she was a small child and won her first blue ribbon in the 4th grade for a county-wide art exhibit. She takes a camera with her everywhere she goes and likes to paint from her own photographs. She has often stopped on the side of the road to photograph an unusual cloud formation or beautiful sunset. While some artists may view the world as ugly and horrible, Joy says she does not like to paint "ugly" art. She believes that art, like literature, should be a form of "escape" from an ugly world. She likes to evoke a pleasant emotion through her art such as a feeling of calm or a happy memory.... She also likes to travel--she is inspired by colorful Caribbean sunsets, palm trees blowing in the breeze, ocean tides, Tuscany hill towns .... She occasionally paints abstracts but mostly paints representational art using bold bright colors. Her preferred medium is acrylic paint, but she sometimes branches out into watercolors or mixed media.

Joy attended East Carolina University School of Art in Greenville, NC (BFA painting major and drawing minor).