More Regional Artists - Kakie Honig

Columbia, SC

Kakie Honig


Kakie is a fused glass artist who has evolved over the years, inspired by her love and appreciation of nature for its limitless, unexpected designs and colors.

She is a native of Marion, SC and has been a fused glass artist since 1994. Following a 30-year career as a registered nurse, she decided to explore other dreams, which were the study and glass design and acrylic pouring. She and her three sisters were raised by very creative parents who always encouraged their artistic endeavors.

The artist and her husband, Philip, have lived in the Columbia, SC area for 32 years. The Honigs have three daughters and five grandsons. Kakie enjoys sharing her love of the design and creation of art with her family, her clients and especially with her grandsons.

Kakie has shown her glasswork in galleries in Calabash, NC; Lexington, SC; Columbia, SC and Marion, SC. She has received several awards for her glass creations including a merit award at the SC State Fair.

She has studied glass design, lampworking and fusing with Carl Powell, Gi Reynolds, Kimberley Adams, and Petra Kaiser.

Artist Statement

I’ve always been intrigued with color, texture and design especially in the world of art glass. What exactly causes someone to feel differently having seen a specific color combination and design? What must happen to evoke that emotion? I truly love when designs “work,” and I am often lost in thought regarding the impact of my glass creations on others.