Regional Artists - M.T. McClanahan

Greenville, NC

M.T. McClanahan


Marcus T. McClanahan was born in Clinton, NC. He attended East Carolina diversity in Greenville, NC, where he received his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, Communication Arts/Illustration. Before he began working as a full-time fine artist, he worked as a freelance illustrator for a number of commercial clients.

These days Marcus is known for his powerful brushstroke and broken color. Working in both oil and acrylic, he says, “I enjoy walking the proverbial fine line between strength and quiet, movements and still; the contrasts that make a work live. It is sth same in all of nature, that struggle of contrasts within each of us.

The speed and intensity of his working method, combined with a deep empathy for the subject, creates moving works of art, the kind you never tire of seeing.

The son of teachers, Marcus’ heritage is rooted in North Carolina. From the crystal waters of the Atlantic to the majestic peaks west, he has found inspiration in the beauty and master that surrounds him. But it is also the mystery within him that brings forth paintings that speak to us.

Lone vessels and structures dominate much of his work, as does the sea and shadows, those thinks that reach into the depths of our emotions, in subject as well as treatment.

You must take the time to look at a M.T. McClanahan painting to really see it. There are surely stories for you to hear, deep within the colored forms.