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Seagrove, NC

McNeill's Pottery


McNeill's Pottery of Seagrove, NC was established in 1995. We are a family owned and operated business that specializes in functional and decorative works of art. What started out as a way for Sharon and her daughter, Windy, to work from home, unexpectedly grew into so much more! After a few years, we were later joined by Jerry and Garrett.

We handle all aspects of the business from throwing pots to glazing and firing. As a team, we come up with all of our own designs and glazes and enjoy working together as a family each and every day.

The business is now owned by Windy and Garrett, although Jerry and Sharon continue to play an important role. We are also joined by Windy's daughter, Chesney, and her daughter-in-law Madison. We also look forward to the upcoming 3rd and 4th generation potters, that we are sure will add their own special talents to our business.