Regional Artists - Nancy Hughes Miller

Cary, NC

Nancy Hughes Miller


A love of the natural world — its beauty and fragility — inspires Nancy to create her paintings. The freedom of painting from memory and imagination, especially coastal landscapes, is her passion. Places ingrained in her mind — the beaches and marshes of southeastern North Carolina, where Nancy grew up and still visits — are reflected in her art. With oil paint, she explores color and light, shapes and forms, while rendering a contemporary, nontraditional landscape. Nancy, who graduated from North Carolina State’s College of Design, work as a graphic designer for more than 25 years. She feels fortunate to live in Cary and part-time at Sunset Beach, NC and enjoys painting in both home studios.

Artist Statement

Inspired by beauty in the landscape, I seek to capture a bold but quiet impression of everyday nature — as the colors of sky, earth and water converge on the horizon. My paintings strive to be simple, serene and soothing, not too complicated. Learning, evolving, experimenting, expressing — to me, that’s what it means to be an artist.