More Regional Artists - Ophelia Staton

Creedmoor, NC

Ophelia Staton

mixed media

All people have a gift. What is done with the gift makes people divine.

Creating gives me the freedom to use my gift. I am Ophelia Staton, an abstract living in Creedmoor NC.

The freedom of creating is like no other I have ever experienced, and I truly believe my gift is to use my passion for creating to inspire others.

I paint to express myself. Each mark, scribble or stroke is a conversation between my materials, the substrate and me.

I show up and begin working with no preconceived notions or ideas of the end result. I see the process of painting as a journey into the unknown, forging forward with blind faith and fearlessness of where the brush may lead me.

Rich colors ignite my senses and the act of simply pouring paint out on my palette makes my imagination come alive. As a teaching artist, I have inspired others with the joy of creating, but my favorite moments are those alone in my studio, in front of a blank canvas and a world of color choices at my fingertips.