More Regional Artists - Ortrud Tyler

Oak Island, NC

Ortrud Tyler

acrylic, oil

Tyler paints primarily in Watermedia/Mixed Media collages on paper or cavas. Born in ‘Berlin, Germany she draws on the German expressionist and American abstract expressionist movement. Creating a rich textured surface with strong colors is of primary concern to her. My subject matter is influenced by time spend in various parts of Europe, the American Southwest and other parts of the US. Contrasting passages of transparent and opaque layers of acrylic/inks I build a surface that is enriched with dyed and textured collage papers, the addition of metallic papers or paint and finishing many times with additional layers of painted in areas

Her work has been featured in Southwest Art Magazine, “Exploring Color” by Neta Leland and other publications. She has been a guest artist/lecturer at UNC-W and gives occasional workshops.

Her work is in the corporate collection of IBM, SAS, NCNB, Glaxo-Smith Kline, Burroughs-Welcome among others and in private collections in the US, Europe, Thailand and Canada.

Tyler also works in oils, primarily painting coastal landscapes, that to her are of never ending interest.