More Regional Artists - Robert Monthie

Conway, SC

Robert Monthie


I have been in the arts and crafts business for close to 45 years, moving from a candle maker to a weaver to a woodworker. In wood I have transitioned from building decks, sheds and garages to making shelving units, cabinets and tables to creating boxes, cutting boards and other useful household items. Instead of storing pine boards and sheets of plywood, my shop now holds over 20 varieties of hardwoods, both domestic and exotic. All of the colors you see in my items are the color of that species of wood, not a stain color.

I enjoy creating one-of-a-kind items, most of the ideas coming from my own ideas or a variation of something I’ve seen, blending in various types of wood. Everything is made by hand, and although I do use a number of power tools, I do not use any CNC machines or laser cutters. So, if there are any flaws in my work, it is due to the use of that one indispensable tool– my own human hands.