Regional Artists - Roseann Bellinger

Little River, SC

Roseann Bellinger


Artist Bio

Renowned for her signature style of embracing rich, vibrant colors, Roseann Bellinger is a multi-award-winning artist who masterfully works with oils, acrylics, watercolors, and mixed media.

An esteemed member of artistic organizations, including the Waterway Art association, Brunswick Arts Council, and Oak Island Artists Guild, Roseann's creative journey is deeply intertwined with the artistic community.

She annually participates in the prestigious Burroughs and Chapin Art Museum Collectors' Event in MyrtleBeach, SC, showcasing her exceptional artistic prowess.

As the proud proprietor of Bellinger Artworks in Calabash, NC, Roseann Bellinger has fostered a hub for the Waterway Art Association, further contributing o the artistic tapestry of the region.

Exclusively available through the Sunset River Gallery in Calabash, NC, her captivating works and greeting cards have found homes in numerous collections, both locally and across the nation.

Artist Statement

For Roseann Bellinger, the artistry lies in the pursuit of evoking emotion within the viewer. Through skillful interplay of vivid colors and textured brushstrokes, her creations become a conduit for connecting on a deeper level. Her subjects traverse the landscapes of the Carolina coastal marshes, still life compositions illuminated by vibrant paths of light, and dynamic abstract expressions.

Influences: The artistic spirits of Mark Rothko, Claude Monet and Robert Motherwell resonate through Roseann's work, guiding and inspiring her creative exploration.