More Regional Artists - Samantha Spalti

Sunset Beach, NC

Samantha Spalti


Samantha Spalti is a Sunset Beach, NC based artist and is the Gallery Director of Sunset River Gallery. She received her degree in Studio Art with an Art History minor - with honors, from the University at Albany in Albany, NY.

Though most of her energy goes into curating and running the gallery, she is also a painter. Her current series is of formal abstract landscapes. By embracing abstraction, she invites viewers to participate actively in the creation of meaning. The absence of explicit narrative or recognizable landmarks allows for a personal interpretation and an immersive experience. She seeks to evoke an emotional response, trigger memories, sensations, and contemplation, and invite viewers to connect with their own inner landscapes and explore the vastness of their imagination.

Her work has been in exhibitions up and down the east coast and her art can be found in homes across the country.