More Regional Artists - Sharon DiGiulio

Raleigh, NC

Sharon DiGiulio

acrylic, mixed media

Sharon DiGiulio is a graphic designer by trade and although art has been a part of her life in one way or another for as long as she can remember, she is fairly new to the painting world. When she got her hands on some paint in 2000, she was overwhelmed with joy! She worked in an art supply store for 12 years, met tons of talent daily and learned about new processes and products to try.

Sharon started her own business, DiGiulio Project, LLC in April 2013, and works mainly in acrylic, collage and encaustic. She also likes to sew, and make her own stamps for creating papers and fabrics to be used in her projects. She also has a huge passion for photography.

One of her main projects is to direct the largest art materials and workshop trade show in the country, Art of the Carolinas. Since its inception in 2001, DiGiulio has coordinated and expanded the show to accommodate over 6,000 visitors each year and offers over 120 workshops to 2,500 students each November at the trade show in Raleigh, NC.

Her other projects include setting up workshops for her husband and herself, teaching classes to different communities, organizations and various venues around the country as well as in her own studio. She has created three DVDs on collage and encaustic painting.