Custom Framing: Antique Shell Prints

This past month I had the pleasure of framing two hand-colored antique shell prints, perfect for our customer’s beach house wall.  Since there were two we decided to keep things neutral so both would look good in the same frame and matting combination. framing_shell_cu_web

These were a lot of fun choosing as there were many choices that would work well.
After pulling out several mats in the neutral range, there was definitely one for the top mat that had real style and 
class.  This lamplight rice paper mat, shown in the close up has a beautiful random threaded design and texture.

There were several choices that we could have used for the bottom mat, but the one that stood out the most was a shade of brown that also had a black center core.  The brown accented the majority color in the prints while the bevel cut opening revealed just a line of black to play upon the original pen and ink outline of the shells.

Our frame was chosen last and it was decided that, due to the natural appearance of the shell prints, we would stick with something right from the tree.  This walnut with brushed outer slopes has about a one-inch rustic but classy look that compliments the softness of the hand coloring while accenting the inner mat and drawing your attention to the shells themselves.

They certainly look nice placed on the ledge of this hand-crafted hutch that was used to photograph them side by side.  Another fine piece of workmanship, this amazing hand-crafted hutch is also available for sale here at the gallery.

– Lou Aliotta