Custom Framing: Great Gams!

This interesting little 8 x 10-inch acrylic piece on stretched canvas was painted by a client’s granddaughter, so they wanted something very special. Seeing this piece got me inspired; I had to come up with a really great showcase.  

At first, I felt that a black moulding would be the way to go and it had to be deep enough to create a shadowbox. As I looked at the available mouldings, it came to mind that I had one that was deep enough and had two little silver stripes on each edge of its face,

It looked great and the customers were happy with it also.  We then tried a white background, which was nice, but not quite enough to make it really special.  It dawned  on me that the piece changing from black to white might just be nicely carried over into the background, I showed the customer and they liked it , but were a little skeptical,

I was sure it would look great and  convinced them to try it as I had done it before, on other pieces.  I finished the piece in about ten days. When they came in to pick it up, they were still not quite sure until they saw the piece actually finished and loved it.  

I am thankful that my customers place their faith in my judgment and allow me to use my creativity in producing special treasures for their keeping.  The true rewards of one’s achievements are not always the financial gain, but the pleasure of performing a task or creating something special for someone else’s pleasure.

Lou Aliotta,