Custom Framing: Honoring a Fallen Pilot

This collection of memorabilia is in honor of a fallen pilot who was shot down in 1944. It includes his cap, his purple heart, a family photograph and photographs of the marker designating the site of the crash – not a pleasant memory, however one to become a family heirloom, preserved for future generations of this brave American Airman.

Due to the depth of the cap that is displayed in this picture, it was
necessary to choose a frame that was deep enough to accommodate it, the other articles displayed posed no challenge In their height. In choosing the matting , we decided to keep it simple and basic, the grey went well with the black and white photographs, they were placed in cutouts in the overall mat, while the cap and Purple Heart were secured to the surface of the mat board with pins.

The frame that we chose has a face that is about one inch wide and is inlaid with a burl veneer all stained with a sophisticated grey-brown finish, it really does compliment the grey of the matting and the brown of the hat, very well.

As always with objects of value, I chose a glass that filters out 99% of the harmful UV rays that might fade of damage these wonderful family artifacts. Thank you for your service and your sacrifice for our nation. May you and all the fallen warriors find peace in the great hereafter.

Lou Aliotta