Custom Framing: Shadow Box Frame

This shadow box frame was created for our long-standing customers, who wanted to create a showcase for a gift received from their daughter and her husband. The gift was designed as a salt and pepper table piece but is certainly more cherished in this beautiful black satin-lined shadow box. The frame was chosen for its 2-inch depth and the little touch of silver on the front edges to accent the silver of the ship. We created the pedestal that elevates the ship by covering part of the original packing with black satin and covered the inner walls of the frame in this same material Originally designed with a black satin back, too, we altered the design during construction and added a mirror backing to create more brilliance and reflection.

  • Alena

    I think the mirror backing you put on makes a huge difference. I want to get a needlepoint my grandmother made framed in a shadow box like this. She just recently passed away and I think this will be a good way to remember her.

  • Nash Rich

    I thought this was really classy and creative. It’s like it’s a 3D black and white picture. I thought the mirror really added to that affect. I love seeing creative ideas like this. Thanks.