Custom Framing: Vintage Original Drawing

This striking original in pen & ink with a sepia watercolor wash – dated 1939 – was drawn by the late artist Ramona Batsford Bendin while she was still in high school. After she passed away in 2013, her family found this piece in a box of family photos and artwork. They recently brought it to Lou for framing and preservation. The double matting is acid free with a solid core consistent with the outer mat coloring. The fluted dark coffee moulding is reminiscent of an Art Deco style to match the drawing style. The flutes also serve to emphasize the pleats in the dress. Acid free backing board further protects the fragile vintage original and UV filtering glass reduces degradation from sunlight.

  • Judy Wilson

    It helps that you explained how the framing for this vintage original drawing was chosen. I have a few similar vintage drawings and watercolor paintings, so maybe following this style will help me choose the right frames for my art. Using a molding that’s reminiscent of an art deco style that matches the drawing style with an acid free backing board would be best. I’ll definitely make sure to use an acid free backing board since this is supposed to protect fragile vintage originals. Thanks for the tips!