Framing a fragile antique magazine

priscilla_frame_detailThis month I was presented with the challenge of framing an antique magazine of 1914 vintage.  The Modern Priscilla magazine was one of two that I framed, which had been collected by the customer’s father – as this was the name of his daughter. She then wished to display and preserve them without altering the integrity of the magazine.

I began by placing the magazine on a black acid free background board and then cutting an opening in an eight-ply or approximately 3/16-inch thick black acid free mat board. This is a bit less than the thickness of the magazine and would create a cavity that was deep enough to accommodate the thickness of the magazine. Using two stainless steel pins, I secured the magazine to the backing board at the top, leaving the front cover to hide the pins that hold it all together.

I then cut a top mat of a neutral beige that complemented the color of the paper and cut an opening large enough to reveal about 3/16-inch of the black mat below.  The piece was then protected by a 99% UV filtering glass to protect it from harmful rays that might fade and destroy it.  The frame that was chosen suits the period when the magazine was published, creating a beautiful display piece for the woman with the namesake Priscilla.


  • Mona Bendin

    Lou, your new blog is really interesting. In fact, your other blogs are too. Thanks!

  • Lou

    Thanks Mona!