Salvaging a vintage movie poster

This wonderful movie poster was brought in by one of our customers, it was folded in a small 14-inch square when they showed it to me. After unfolding and examining the piece I found that it was an original that had been well kept through the years.

These posters were not printed on the best of paper and were certainly not archival or acid-free and have a tendency to deteriorate and become brittle over time. It was my suggestion that it be mounted on an acid-free board with an acid-free dry mount process. I also suggested putting spacers under the rabbit to keep it from lying against the glass. These spacers are simply 1/8th- inch-square plastic extrusions that have self-adhesive tape on one side and stick to the glass under the (rabbit) lip of the frame, so you don’t actually see them. A 99% ultra violet filtering glass was used to keep the piece from fading

Having solved the logistics of framing this piece, we began looking at mouldings that would suit such a fine piece of memorabilia. We tried the standard blacks and metals, but then this yellow frame with a little brown touch on the inner and outer edges caught my eye. The yellow picks up the dominant color in the poster and the little touches of brown bring out some of the darker details. I hope you enjoy this view of this piece, as I felt it was very fitting of the period and would really make it a standout in our customer’s special setting.

–Lou Aliotta, Framer