We ❤ Art – a Valentine to the Community

Opening Wednesday, Feb. 10 is We ❤ Art, a Valentine of sorts, from gallery owner Ginny Lassiter to the community. This is a collection of some of her very favorite pieces in the gallery and she’d like to share them with you! “We are so fortunate to have these very talented and wonderful artists in the area. Their work inspires, excites and engages me … and I’d like to do the same for you.”

Artists in this unusual exhibition include James “Red” Saunders (turned wood); Scott Summerfield (hand blown glass); Ann McCray (oil); Jane Staszak (pastel); Linda Young (pastel); Anne Cunningham (metal); Nancy Hughes Miller (oil); Sterling Edwards (acrylic); Eloise Randolph (acrylic); Lanny & Susan Pelletier (clay); Joe DiGiulio (acrylic); Jean-Claude Rossignol (furniture) and more to come!

The show runs through Feb. 29 (Yikes!  It’s leap year!) Please stop by and enjoy it. We think you’ll ❤ it!!